Poker Guide

Keep it simple When you start playing, trying to stick to a complex poker strategy can be difficult and lead to you making expensive mistakes. Maybe you can recall mistakes you’ve already made at the poker table? Maybe you’ve been so focused on your pocket Aces that you missed the obvious straight draw on the board! Our Calculator will alert you to these situations.

Where is the money?

It’s worth staying at the lower limit tables to start with, basically people here don’t know poker odds and will play any cards they have. Don’t believe me? Then simply watch a game at a $1/$2 table. Most people will be calling and raising – do they all have good cards each round? I doubt it.

People at this level are a lot more like gamblers than seasoned poker players. Sure you’ll get a few people who know what they’re doing, but on the whole it’s easy pickings for you when you have our calculator giving you the odds! It's like having a seasoned poker pro on hand to alert you to profit making opportunites.